Another year….

Uni starts again on Monday. 4 days away… and it’s coming fast. It seems like the last 8 or so weeks where I haven’t had any study, have been the weeks where I’ve thought ‘I wish Uni would start again!’ … but now that it’s nearly here… I’m wondering what I’m in for.

I have chosen to embark on 3 units this semester. One difficult one (my introduction to pharmacology and pathophysiology) and 2 easier units that don’t have exams. All 3 units are studied off campus (once again) as I do not have the ability to stop working.

Words of advice to myself?

Stay ahead of the game.

Don’t think that you’re ahead of the game and give yourself a false sense of security.

Work hard.

Achieve great things.

The list goes on, and I’m sure that any of you would easily be able to add to it. However my favourite quote of all time is by Henry Ford and it goes like this….

“Whether you think you can…. or think you can’t… you’re right”

I can. And I will. I will do the best that I can, and strive to do even better than that. This year is going to be harder than last year – but I’m positive that I’m up for the challenge. I hope to be able to read back on this post and remember that I had faith in myself 4 days out from the start of another year.

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2 units down… 22 to go!

I got a credit.


1% off getting a distinction! (which would’ve been awesome!!!)

But considering I was going to be happy if I just passed the unit – then I should really be super happy that I got 69%.

Which brings me to my next gripe. I have heard so many times that “anything over 51% means that you put in too much effort”…. Really????? Why would anyone want to be happy with ‘just passing’ a unit? But then again, if I’m thinking that comment is nuts – does that mean that I’m a ‘high achiever’? I’ve never thought of myself as that. I was seriously excited when I got a High Distinction for my first nursing unit, so many I set my sights higher than I normally would?

But anyway… moving on … I have enrolled in 3 off campus units for 2015. 2 in the first semester (neither of them have exams thank goodness) and 1 unit for the second semester. By the end of 2015, I will have completed 5/8 units from the first year.

So yesterday I started looking at all the units that I need to complete, and how many of them I could complete off campus. 70%!!!! 70% of my nursing degree I can complete from home! awesome!

The biggest issue that I”m facing is that I have to figure out a way to get my clinical units complete. I’m a mature aged student who works full time…. how do I get through these 6 units that require my attendance on campus and at hospitals? It’s stressing me out a little. What if they say that I can’t start studying second year units until my 1st year prac units are done? How do I manage to keep my job and take time off for uni?

I emailed the uni and got a bit of a run around, but I think they finally figured out what I was trying to say and they are putting me in touch with one of the coordinators next week. I’m hoping that there may be some kind of possible solution to this dilemma.

fingers crossed anyway.

M.I.A. at the end of the year .

I certainly haven’t kept up with the blogging this year have I. I go through stages of thinking its a good idea, and then a bad idea, and then back again. Sometimes I avoid the whole idea as I don’t want to log on just to have a good ‘ol fashioned whinge – but I suppose that is what blogging is for.

I’ve completed a 2 units now. The last one was a doozy! There was SO much to learn, and I felt like I was really behind constantly throughout the whole unit. The first unit that I did externally was really well set up for external students. I had access to lectures, case studies, and best of all – a tutor to answer questions. Every Thursday night I would climb into bed with the laptop and chat to other students and the tutor about what was going on in the course work and would be able to ask questions. It was fantastic. I got a really high mark for that unit and I felt really in control.
This past unit – I had access to the recording of the lecture. That was it. No tutor. no interaction…. and although I know that I’m supposed to ‘stand on my own feet’ for my learning needs – I really felt let down after the first unit that I completed.

For the final 2 weeks of the semester I knocked down and studied my arse off. I hadn’t done too well on the assignments or the first test that we did in week 2 – so it was really important that I did well in the exam because it was worth 60% of the final mark. I was stressed out. Really stressed out. Hubby was good by keeping the kids busy and taking more than his fair share of the daily duties… and this allowed me to look at each of the subjects in depth.

In total, there were 10 weeks with 3hrs of lectures each week. I completed the skeletal, muscular, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, fluids, and so much more. I’m really glad that I was able to soak up all of the information and that resulted in me doing well in the exam. I believe that I knew about 70% of the answers… and that will let me pass the unit.

Next year I have the option of doing 2 units in the first semester as both of them don’t have exams – so that will take a bit of the pressure off. Then all I’ll have is another 4 units and I’ll have finished the first year.

At this rate I’ll be 100 by the time I graduate – but I’m happy to travel along and keep seeing where this leads me.

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it’s been awhile since i’ve written in here – but that is due to the fact that I have been avoiding telling you all that I’m struggling with this semester.

Last semester, the unit was well set up for those of us who are external students. There were online chat rooms, online tutorials, I had a go-to person to talk to and ask questions etc. I easily received a high mark for that unit.

This semester, there is a lecture and they record it. ….. thats it.

Seriously? no wonder I’m finding this one hard. And on top of that – this unit seems to be jam packed full of so much more information that I’m falling behind.

I’m trying to get on top of it. But last semester there seemed to be so much on youtube that I could watch. Documentaries galore! This unit I just don’t seem to be finding much.

Anyone know where I can find documentaries online about the body systems? I really need the visual stimulation rather than just reading a book and listening to a recording of a powerpoint presentation.

But I will soldier on.

I hope…..

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It took over 6 weeks from my exam through to my result to come through – but I got a high distinction! (for international followers – that is the highest grade here in Australia) so I’m super excited as this is the highest grade I have ever received at uni.

So now I’m already starting to look towards my next unit. We’re going to be exploring more of the human body, and we’re starting with something that I have always found really interesting – blood! I know what blood type I am… but I’m surprised at how many people don’t know what type they are and don’t really care either. I posted on Facebook to see who know their type, and got about a 60/40 yes/no.

What scares me the most about this unit is that the exam is worth 60%. So I can’t pass this unit before I get to the exam. I need to stay ahead of the subjects as there seems to be a lot jam packed into this semester.

however – when it all comes down to it – I passed my first unit! and brilliantly at that!

Lets aim for another HD 🙂

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First completed unit

Well it’s done. My first nursing unit is completed and I can finally sit back and put my feet up. (well – at least for a week or two until the next semester starts) 

I completed the exam this morning, and I think I did ok. There wasn’t a lot that I didn’t know but saying that – there was stuff that I didn’t know – which is a worry. 

When it comes down to it – I did the worst thing ever…. I crammed. I stuffed as much information into my head as I could over the past 4 days. And even though I knew that I had already passed, it would’ve been nice to feel confident in getting a better score in the exam rather than what actually happened. 

I knew 40 of the questions. I guessed 12 of them. 1 had to leave 2 of them because I had no freaking idea what they were talking about. 

My next unit will have 60% weighting on the exam, so I won’t be able to do this again, as I will need to rely on the exam to pass the unit. 

Lesson learnt? 


The countdown is on.

So it’s 4 days until my exam and I have started the review process….which was all fine and good until I realised that I’m looking at a bunch of terms that mean absolutely nothing to me. Have I been sleeping throughout the last few weeks? Coz the list that my lecturer has given me seems to be a list of gobeldigook. I recall nothing. nada. zip. 

And now is not the time to realise this. (however at least I’m not figuring this out 24 hours before the exam!) 

So I feel the need to start from scratch. Which is even scarier, because what if I need to do this every time before my exams? What if my mind goes blank at this time every year? 

The stupid thing is – is that I’ve already passed. I’m sitting on about 60% without doing the exam (which is worth 30%) so that should lift the pressure right? No….. wrong. I have high expectations on myself. I want that HD (High distinction) that will set me on a course of high achievement throughout the whole degree. The problem is – is that I would have to get a really high score in the exam to be able to get an overall HD – and that is not going to happen. no way. I have always freaked out about exams. I do really well with assignments and reviews – but not exams. 

Maybe I could get a D (distinction) I’d be disappointed with a credit and devastated with a Pass. 

Then again – I am wasting time on here when I should be studying. :/ 

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Sliding in for a home run

I have passed this unit! 

My results have just been posted for the Neurotoxin assignment and I got such a great score! I’m thrilled that I was able to achieve such a great score seeing it was my first time writing something like that. I’m completely over the moon! 

So that leads me back to the title of this post. I have passed the unit already. According to my calculations – I’m currently sitting on 56%, and I still have another homework to put in plus the exam. 

This is so super exciting for me. It take so much stress off my shoulders coming up to the exams. (I do not like exams at all – they completely freak me out) 

But now I can take a breath and concentrate on making my good score even better. 

1st exam jitters

So I’m coming up to my first exam for Nursing. 

It’s been YEARS since my last exam. Certainly not something that I enjoy, and I think that I get a bit freaked out about it. The lecturer has posted the details and all of a sudden my brain turns mushy and I think “I don’t know any of that stuff! – have I been studying the wrong chapters??” 

So I close down the document and stress about it for 24 hours. 

Then I open it up again the next day and start to see some questions that I could answer – because I have read this stuff. I do know it. (well – some of it) But then I’ll freak out and close it down again and do some more reading. 

I have 2 weeks to figure out what I know Vs what I don’t. I’m half tempted to lock myself away in the library for the 2 weeks and read and learn … however my last trip to the library wasn’t enjoyable (between people having conversations about what they’re doing for the weekend, people watching youTube, and children running around and squawking) so I’m left to determine how I”m going to prepare for an exam that I don’t feel that I’m ready for over the next 2 weeks. 

I suppose a blessing in disguise is that I’m currently sitting on 87% for this unit, and the exam is worth 30% of the entire mark. Doesn’t that mean that I’ve already passed? 

Please…. someone tell me I’ve already passed!??